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Welcome to the Treetops at Hesslewood Office Park

Nestled within the scenic landscape of Hesslewood Office Park, the Treetops development stands as a testament to innovative design and sustainability. Now complete, let’s delve into the story of this remarkable project and uncover its unique features.

Design Inspiration

The design concept for Treetops was born from the creative minds of Peter Barbor, Chairman of Brooklands Property Holdings, and Debbie Barbor, CEO of Brooklands Property Holdings. They envisioned transforming an underutilised area of the office park into something exceptional, and while on holiday they drew inspiration from treehouse-style buildings; the concept seeming perfect for accommodating the site's varying elevations, offering level access to main entrances and providing breath-taking views across the parkland.

Photo showing the 5 hexagonal wooden clad office pods that make up the Treetops development at Hesslewood Office Park
The Treetops development at Hesslewood Office Park. Photo by Phil: JayJay Media

Construction Timeline

The build journey for the site of the Treetops began with the excavation and pouring of footings in August 2021. Soon after, in April 2022, the steelwork started taking shape, followed by the construction of timber frames in June 2022. It was at this point that the development really came to life, visually, with the concept no longer being an idea in the mind or a computer generated image. By October 2022, the interior fit-out was in full swing and - such was the buzz around the innovation of the project - all 5 pods were pre-let in advance of completion. The Treetops welcomed the first of those tenants in January 2023 and the remaining occupiers where soon to follow. The balconies, completed in August 2023, have been the final touch on the pods with the decision to use glass balustrades being a multifaceted one of sustainability, aesthetics and practical use. Avoiding the use of non-renewable materials for the main balustrades, aligned with the commitment to sustainable design. Additionally, the use of glass means that those stunning views of Hesslewood's parkland remain uninterrupted, whilst playing to each pod's contemporary and minimalist aesthetic, externally.

Harmonising with nature

As of now, the Treetops development is complete, offering a distinct and eco-friendly addition to Hesslewood Office Park. All five Treetop pods share a consistent construction specification, though their heights above ground differ to harmonize with the natural terrain. The tallest pod reaches a height of 3.2 meters above ground. Interior fit-outs maintain a high standard, featuring uniform bathrooms and interior finishes.

Photo og the hexagonal wood clad tree tops pods, from a distance. Showing the pods nestled in the trees
Nestled within the trees on the Hesslewood parkland

Notable Features

There are several noteworthy aspects of Treetops:

Integration with Nature - each pod harmoniously coexists with the existing trees - even built into the balconies - preserving healthy specimens to envelop the pods and create an enchanting "treehouse" ambiance.

Energy Efficiency - according to PropertyInvestment.Com the UK’s built environment is responsible for 25% of the country’s carbon emissions. In a demonstrable move to reducing carbon footprint, the pods have been meticulously designed to maximize energy efficiency and boast an impressive A rating for Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

Sustainable Cladding - as commercial developments move towards a more sustainable future, Hesslewood continues to push forward in the commitment to eco-friendly construction by having sourced sustainable timber, for the crafting of each pod’s exterior cladding and using renewable materials wherever possible.

Innovative Construction - the Treetops stands out for its innovative and experimental construction methods, making it a rare gem in the UK's architectural landscape. The cluster of five pods, each spanning 500 square feet, offers a unique office space solution.

Local Involvement - contributing the growth and prosperity of the region is an important factor for the developments at Hesslewood Office Park. The realisation of the pods - from concept to completion - is testimony to that commitment, with local architects, engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, and tradespeople from the region having played a pivotal role in bringing Treetops to life.

The whole project involved a careful team of collaborators, and special mentions go out to:


Chris Kendall - Town Planning Consultant and partner at Hickling Gray Associates has, since 1993, successfully managed the complex planning applications for various projects at the office park. Taking into account the environmental, sustainable, and conservation aspects of the site, Steve worked closely with the architect, Jonathan, and the structural engineers, Griffin Toombs, to ensure that the Treetops development is respectful of the natural surroundings and meets the needs and expectations of the clients and the community.


Ingleby Hobson - the architectural firm that has supported Hesslewood Office Park since its inception in 1993. Jonathan Hobson, a talented and visionary architect, has transformed the site into a vibrant business hub that hosts 31 companies and 800 people from both local and global markets. Jonathan has seamlessly integrated the new buildings with the 17th century setting, incorporating stunning Humber views and focal points, and reviving a neglected 17th century Game larder into a lively café delicatessen. He has also optimised the new offices for natural light and scenic views of the river, using modern open plan layouts. Jonathan’s sympathetic flair has resulted in the fun and functional, respecting the historical context, and showcasing his creativity and innovation in the Treetops project, which offers office space that meets the demands of the 21st century. The site overall, now boasts 120000 sq ft of contemporary grade A office space.



Griffin Toombs Civil and Structural Consulting Engineers - with over 40 years experience, with Steve Griffin and his team having worked on various projects for us at Hesslewood Office Park, including the Treetops. Always embracing the challenge of turning Jonathan’s concepts into reality, and using their expertise and creativity to ensure structural integrity and aesthetic appeal - The Temple, which serves as both a striking landmark at Hesslewood Office Park and as a gym facility for the site, being another celebrated example.


EYG Commercial - East Yorkshire Aluminium and Glass Ltd, were involved in the glazing of the development. We were delighted to hear news, in March 2024, that EYGs commercial division were named the winners of a prestigious national award which recognises excellence in the glazing sector. The awards are ran by Glass and Glazing magazine, recognising the best installations and projects across the UK. In EYG Commercial’s pre-awards blog, Nick Ward, managing director of EYG Group, said: “These treehouses are unique, we’ve never glazed anything quite like these before, and although you might see designs like this in the hospitality sector, I imagine they’re highly unusual in the commercial offices sector. The team were the proud winners of the ‘Best Commercial Installation’ award at the Glass and Glazing Products (GGP) magazine’s Installer Awards 2024, for their work on the development.

Drone shot showing areal view of the Hesslewood Office Park whole estate
Hesslewood Office Park aerial view - photo by Phil: JayJay Media

An Exceptional Workplace Environment

The current businesses occupying the 5 pods at the Treetops are Poppy Residental, Hair @ Hesslewood, and Ozone Health.

Photo graph of a vegetable patch with some leaves showing above the soil. The Hesslewood Oarkland is in the background
'The Poppy Patch' community garden at Hesslewood Office Park, created by Poppy Residential. Photo by Poppy Residential on Instagram - @the_poppypatch

Poppy Residential is a ‘professionally accredited, modern, cutting-edge property agent’ that have truly embraced the vision and concept of the Treetops. Their own social media regularly offers a behind-the-scenes flavour of what working within the Hesslewood Office Park grounds is all about, with the team regularly seen to enjoy a relaxing walk in the Hesslewood ground. They have also created 'The Poppy Patch', a community garden where they cultivate and ‘grow-their-own’ - welcomed by many businesses who have tasted the ‘fruits of their labour'!

Photo showing the rear of one of the Treetops Development wood clad hexagonal pods. There is a glass structure balcony, which 3 members of the hairdressing salon are stood on.
Hair @ Hesslewood - Photo by Phil: JayJay Media

Julian Holland, Hair @ Hesslewood is a British award winning, unique concept hairdressing salon. In March 2023, Businessworks Magazine released an interview with Julian in which he talks about his career to date, and having opened Hair @ Hesslewood. Sam Hawcroft writes “Julian…has travelled the world with his scissors and brushed shoulders – literally – with the stars, but he’s now putting down roots in East Yorkshire as he embarks on a new challenge"

Having travelled so widely for work, Julian was always aware of the importance of unique creative spaces and what can be achieved within them. Having taken occupation in January 2003, Julian tells us "The setting creates an amazing experience for our clients, helping them feel a million miles away from everyday life”

Text based Image that lists Jullian Holland's best 3 things about working out of the Treetops Development at Hesslewood Office Park

Dr James Britton of Ozone Health, explains a little about their business, saying "Our business is in healthcare with the development and maintenance of digital health platforms, providing tele dermatology and telemedicine services and also the platform to run all aspects of clinics and consultations."

Ozone Health - originally coming to the park in 2019 and moving into the pods by April 2023 - also manage the telemedicine business and the consultant team around the world, remotely reporting over 100,000 referrals for dermatology processed in the office in the last three years, saving the NHS £4 million.

When asked what attracted Ozone Health to the Treetops development, Dr Britton said "We were attracted to the treetops because it was a new development, so we could influence design. It was the right time for expansion with landlords that we know and trust to grow our business. The attention to detail of the design with the unique raised elevation of the offices within the trees giving amazing views good we knew would make these a unique office experience. We knew that this would get the best out of our team with them working in such an amazing environment."

Text based Image that lists Dr James Britton's best 3 things about working out of the Treetops Development at Hesslewood Office Park

A New Standard of Office Spaces

One thing is for sure, the variety of businesses that have embraced their Treetop work-life at Hesslewood Office Park, is a testament to that visionary design, sustainability, and community involvement. With its treehouse-inspired charm, energy efficiency, and local collaboration, the Treetops is not just a collection of office spaces - it sets a new standard for contemporary developments in East Yorkshire.

Thanks to Debbie and Peter’s refreshing perspective on what a workspace can be, the Treetops development is a shining example of how innovative architecture can blend seamlessly with the natural environment, creating a truly exceptional workplace experience.

Hesslewood Office Park is a range of premium Grade II Listed and newly built offices, set within 10 acres of landscaped parkland. It is a truly unique place to work, with great facilities and nature on your doorstep, whilst enjoying easy access to Hull City Centre, the M62, the East Riding, and Lincolnshire.

Reach out to the team, today - by any of the links in the page footer - to find out more about current and upcoming availability for office spaces at Hesslewood Office Park.


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