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Hesslewood Charitable Causes Fund

Over the last 10 years, Hesslewood Charitable Causes Fund is proud to have raised over £140,000 for charities, causes, and volunteer-led projects.

Local impact

We’re passionate about making a difference. Over the years, we’ve rallied together to raise funds for a diverse array of causes, touching lives and creating positive change.

Our commitment extends beyond mere donations; it’s about fostering connections, building community, and leaving a lasting impact right here in our local neighbourhoods.

Charitable Projects
North Ferriby Riding for the Disabled

What is happening in 2024?

Our 2024 supported project: to raise the funds and build, an all-weather riding arena roof for North Ferriby Riding for the Disabled.

Save the date!

The date is set for our annual, 100% not-for-profit charity day, 'Classic Cars at Hesslewood'.

This is always a fantastic day out for the whole family, and this year every penny raised will be donated to the Raise the Roof project

Follow the event on the dedicated social media pages

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Classic Cars at Hesslewood 2024

The Story

Hesslewood Charitable Causes Fund and North Ferriby Riding for the Disabled need your help to 'Raise the Roof'! The charity's mission is to deliver life-changing riding lessons to people of all ages and disabilities in our community. They are a self-funded, volunteer-led organisation and desperately need a roof over the riding arena, allowing them to:


Provide year-round lessons: Currently, weather conditions often force us to cancel lessons, disappointing the children and adults that North Ferriby RDA serve. An all-weather roof means consistent, uninterrupted lessons regardless of the weather.


Support SEND Children and Young Adults: Riding is a unique therapy proven to boost the confidence and wellbeing of those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). A covered arena helps them better support these individuals.


Offer a Safe Space: Many of the young riders face school exclusion. The riding program offers a safe environment where they feel valued and successful. Year-round lessons help provide that essential consistency they need.


Behind the scenes

Having been involved in the project from the outset, we are encouraged by involvement of local businesses and professionals, who have so far donated cash, time and expertise.

There was big news in February, that the planning permission for the arena had been granted. It is now full systems go, to make this a reality for this wonderful charity and the communities they serve.

We welcome any donation amount you can afford

As we get closer to our target, we will also be sending out a 'RDA SOS' call to action, inviting materials suppliers and skilled trades to get involved in the big build!

Why not come along to our Classic Cars at Hesslewood charity event day, on Sunday 18th august - find out more about this popular event, below.

Our Goal

We aim to raise £45,000 to build a weather-resistant roof over our riding arena. The cost of the project is approximately £90,000, and we are delighted to share that nearly half of this has been raised to date, through fundraising and successful grant applications. Every donation, big or small, will take us one step closer to reaching this goal!


The Impact

Your donation will help us to get one step closer to completing the build, which in turn will make a profound difference:

More individuals served: Expand our reach to more riders with disabilities in the community.

Improved skills and well-being: Provide consistent riding therapy, known for its physical and emotional benefits.

A stronger community: Help us become a truly year-round resource for families and individuals with disabilities.

Be social

Please also help us to spread the word about the project.

Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Thank you

A massive thank you, from everyone at Hesslewood Charitable Causes Fund. To quote the wonderful volunteers at RDA, 'it's what we CAN do that counts!'.

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