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Humber Bridge Sportive: Celebrating 10 Years of Community, Cycling, and Charity

June 23rd marked the 10th anniversary of the Humber Bridge Sportive (HBS) charity cycle sportive. Set up in 2014, the ride has now generated over £120,000, which has been shared out amongst more than 25 local charities; additionally, lots of individuals and groups use the ride as a vehicle to raise money for causes close to their heart, so the grand total will be considerably more!

Humber Bridge Sportive starting line signage banner

Based in the wonderful grounds of the Hesslewood Office Park, the HBS has attracted around 4,000 riders from all over the country, and we are particularly grateful to the loyal core of cyclists who have returned year after year, and who are one of the main reasons why the event is well known for its friendly atmosphere.

Photos of participants and volunteers at 2024 Humber Bridge Sportive

In addition, we have received terrific support from a large number of local businesses who have supported us in a variety of different ways, enabling us to provide entrants with a great day out, without us having to make significant increases to the entry fee over a ten year period. 

Volunteers and organisers of 2024 Humber Bridge Sportive

Finally, a huge thank you to friends and family who have volunteered as marshals, run the Feed Stations and helped to sign up the routes - around 40 volunteers are needed over the course of the weekend!!

A Humber Bridge Sportive charity cyclist, waving as he comes rides over the Humber Bridge

Andy and myself are taking a back seat, but will still have some involvement, as Paul Spence and his team from the charity Paul For Brain Recovery take over the running of the event going forward; they too will continue to support local causes - the HBS is in good hands!

Ian Nicholls & Andrew Cawley. 


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